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Quirky South Africa-part one

A guide to South African Slang.

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Often referred to as the "Rainbow Nation", South Africa is home to a fascinating mix of citizens. There are the Nguni (Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele and Sazi people), the San people, the Sotho Stana, the Tsonga and the Venda.There are the people of European, as well as mixed and Asian descent. Then there is a cross pollination of several of the descents, all falling under the overarching South African culture. South Africa is a a melting pot of endless cultural diversity that is reflected through traditional and modern interpretations of songs, dance, theater, design, fashion and food. Language is no different.

While it's true every country has its own peculiar turns of phrase which may not form part of its’ standard vocabulary, but rather used informally amoungst locals as slang.There is something exceptionally quirky about South African slang. Slang gives any local language flavour, colour and character. Unless you’re a native speaker, South African slang can be tricky to grasp which is understandable considering the 11 official South African languages!