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Quirky South Africa Part 2- Funny Road Signs!

Funny Road Signs in South Africa!

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Not all Road Signs are created equal! And not all the signs we find next to our South African roads are serious and focus on safe driver behaviour. There are an abundance of Road Signs throughout South Africa, some are intentionally funny or the “take a tongue –in- cheek” approach to getting your attention. Some are entertaining because of their use of slang and colloquial language, while others make your jaw drop as a result of their blatant misspelling or use of the wrong words! It’s easy to get lost in translation when you live in a country with 11 official languages, this has made for some interesting Road Sign creations across the country, ranging from hand-made farm signs to official government issued Road Signs and everything in between. Collecting pictures of funny Road Signs in Africa has become somewhat of an international traveler’s trend. Whichever is the cause for a giggle, funny Road Sign spotting in South Africa is a firm favorite after Wildlife spotting Take a look at these funny Road Signs in South Africa that are guaranteed to make you pay attention: