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Some valuable info for Holidaymakers and vacationers:

The map above was released together with Ipsos Mori survey, that provides insights about travelers’ experiences around the globe. The Travel Risk Map displays each country’s medical risk rating and travel security risk rating. The result is a comprehensive overview of risks by destination. Highlighting to organisations the need for travel risk mitigation efforts, and received the 2016 EMMA Award for ‘Best use of Data Analytics within Global Mobility’. Acknowledging the rigorous methodology behind the risk ratings process. See how South Africa rates compared to other top holiday destinations!

For full access to the website and the valuable information provided click here:

Top reasons to visit beautiful South Africa:

PLENTY OF SUNSHINE: By comparison to countries in the northern hemisphere, South African winters are relatively mild, and the summers are up there with the best of them. South Africa is famous for its sunshine with a predominantly semi arid climate with sunny days,cool nights and is subtropical along the east coast of South Africa. The Eastern Cape Province lies directly between the subtropical conditions of KwaZulu Natal and the Mediterranean conditions of the Western Cape, while its inland area is bisected by the great escarpment resulting in the southern reaches defined by a series of rivers and corresponding wetland fauna and flora, while the northern areas are those of the altitudinous plains of the Plateau and topographical differences are what cause the climatic differences and conditions experienced by the towns and cities within these areas.

BUDGET FRIENDLY: South Africa is cheap ! Other currencies do well here and people can travel for less. The ZAR or South African Rand sits weaker to other major foreign currencies like the Dollar, Euro and Pound thus making travelling to South Africa much more affordable for international travellers from several countries. One could enjoy an extensive vacation and visit top South African attractions on a budget. However if you’d like to treat yourself with some luxurious accommodation, food and methods of traveling – South Africa also gives you that option. Check this website for live Forex updates and compare the South African Rand to other currencies when planning your travels.

THE BEACHES: Diverse and wonderful coastline hug both the west and east perimeters of the country. The windswept rugged west coast, past the cold, crisp Atlantic through to the warmer seas of the Indian Ocean – all offer beauty and seaside attractions. South Africa boasts many Blue Flag and Pilot beaches, here is your complete guide to the best of South Africa’S beaches

THE WILDLIFE: When in Africa you cannot miss interacting with wildlife, a visit to one of the many world renowned nature and game reserves are a must! For an extensive list and guide to South African Nature reserves click here.

GREAT ACCOMMODATION: From top hotels, supurb guest houses, B&Bs, game lodges, farm-stays, backpackers and township overnighters you can stay anywhere and in any kind of environment you choose. For an easy guide to accommodation in South Africa you can refer to

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