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There is an understanding in the foodie world that you shouldn't order fish in a restaurant on a Monday-since most fresh fish markets are closed on Sundays. But are there other seafood options you should be avoiding all together?

Seafood is a fine, delicious and healthy menu choice, and South Africa is blessed with an abundance of rivers and seas, but many of our fish and seafood species have been harvested at unsustainable rates. Those wanting to buy fish and/or eat out in an eco-friendly manner, should familiarise themselves with the sustainable seafood list on SASSI's ( Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative ) website

Seafood is divided into green, orange and red colour-coded categories to make identification easier for consumers. Species that are well-managed and accounted for in safer populations -such as Hake- appear on the green list. Orange list species like Kingklip and Kabeljou are fragile and prone to overfishing, consumption of these fish should be extremely limited. Whilst red list fish like White Stumpnose, are endangered species and the selling of this type category fish is prohibited. The sustainable seafood list suggests substitutes for fish and shellfish species that can no longer be ethically consumed and gives species with alternate or vernacular names. You can find details about the SASSI listed fish here

Fishing In Port Alfred:

With our supreme beaches and fishing spots, Port Alfred is renown for its leisure and competitive fishing interest. Fishing permits are available from the Post Office at a nominal fee. You can fish in our rivers, estuaries and ocean. The Port Alfred River and Ski Boat Club situated on the banks of the Kowie River, host wonderful competitions, such as the Tuna Classic and the Kowie Cracker rock&surf contests. For the keen fisherman,there are deep sea fishing competitions and charters available. For more info click here

Sheilan House supports local and sustainable fishing and is perfectly located by walking distance to the Blue Flag rated Kelly’s beach in Port Alfred or a short drive from other renowned fishing spots, as well as several highly recommended restaurants which serve the best in sustainable sea fare.

You can book directly with us via email or call us on Cell phone: +27 82 894 1851 Phone: +27 46 624 4076 Website

Remember you can always contact SASSI to add your comments or report undesirable fishing practice. SASSI SMS: +27 (0)79 499 8795

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